Faire confirmer son chien: en quoi ça consiste? Quelles démarches?

If one wishes that one's offspring of one's pedigree dog can be registered in the Book of Origins, it is imperative to have each of one's puppies confirmed. Mandatory whatever the sex of the animal, whether born in France or abroad, confirmation is only possible from the age of 10 months for some breeds, 12 or 15 months for others. Let's find out what the interest of confirmation is, what are the terms of registration and the conditions that are necessary for a dog to see its reproductive potential confirmed.

Why do you have your dog confirmed?
To be recognized as a "LOF breeding dog", the animal must be submitted to an examination that will allow a judge to confirm it or not. The confirmation is very important because the animal's descendants can be registered in the Book of Origins. For this, each animal is inspected by a judge who verifies if the animal corresponds perfectly to the standard of its breed.

It is thus necessary to put all the chances on his side so that the examination takes place as well as possible, that the judge gives a favorable opinion and that the confirmation is validated by the breed club.

There are two forms of confirmations:

  • Import confirmation: this concerns dogs born abroad,
  • Confirmation of the offspring: it concerns puppies from two parents registered in the Book of French Origins (LOF).

Confirmation of a dog: registration modalities
The owner who wishes to request confirmation of his dog must ensure that he produces all the following documents:

  • The original pedigree for a dog born abroad,
  • The birth certificate for a dog born in France, a document issued by the Société Centrale Canine (SCC),
  • The ID card,
  • The Confirmation Examination Form.

It is mandatory to complete the Confirmation Examination Form to present your dog to the judge. This form, which can be downloaded from the official website of the Centrale canine, includes a section reserved for the owner of the dog.

Be careful to make sure to apply for the pedigree sufficiently in advance, as it will be sent to the applicant within six weeks.

Course of the examination
Pour faire confirmer son chien, celui-ci doit être examiné par un juge qui vérifie scrupuleusement les points suivants :

  • Documents that must be provided to him/her prior to the examination,
  • The identification of the animal, which must carry a microchip, also known as a transponder, or a clearly visible tattoo,
  • His morphology,
  • Its color,
  • His character,
  • The way you introduce yourself, the way you move around,
  • Etc.

If the dog submitted for examination has a defect that is likely to disappear because it still has a possibility of favourable evolution, the judge then decides to postpone its confirmation, which will only be validated later if the defect has completely disappeared. Before presenting the dog again, the handler must respect the time limit indicated by the judge.

Definitive registration in the LOF, obligatory appearance before a judge
If the confirmatory examination has been successfully completed, the dog's owner must keep a copy of the file and send it to the CCS :

  • A copy of the identification card,
  • The original birth certificate,
  • The confirmation form,
  • The payment of fees for the modification of the pedigree or the establishment of a pedigree, and for the registration fee.

A copy of the file is then sent by the CCS to the breed club which can validate or refuse the confirmation. The breed club has one month to notify its decision to the SCC which is then responsible for transmitting it to the owner of the dog and the final pedigree if the animal was born in France. If the dog was born abroad, the SCC gives the original foreign pedigree to the owner of the animal after having entered the confirmation for importation.

What to do if the confirmation is refused
Acceptance of the confirmation is not automatic. In case of refusal, the owner of the dog still has an appeal. He must appeal the decision in accordance with the procedure. To do so, he must contest the decision within two months of the notification from the SCC.

A jury of appeal composed of three experts is then appointed by the Central Canine Society. The dog must be presented to the jury upon convocation, then the jury will decide either by validating the reason for refusal or by invalidating it. A deposit is required from the owner of the animal on the day of the invitation. Its amount of 110 € can only be returned if the reason for refusal is invalidated, which means that the dog is confirmed.